May 30, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 825: Incredible Hulk #235, May 1979

And then all of a sudden the Hulk has some cognitive and rational abilities?

I think this is the problem I've always had with the Hulk, and probably the problem that most writers have with him - just how much intellect is this creature supposed to have? As a product of rage, how much rationalization should he be allowed? Should he care about the fates of those he interacts with, or should he simply feed whatever need is fueling him and then move on? In today's comic, he is pursuing a perceived kidnapper, hoping to rescue a young lady friend. I just don't see the Hulk doing this. Or rather, it's not a behaviour I associate with the Hulk, which could also be why I've never really understood how we place this character in a superhero universe.

The version of the Hulk in this issue is far more superheroic, but only because he is managed by an outside force. This was traditionally the purview of Rick Jones, but if this is going to be the case, is the story really about the Hulk, or about those who direct his strength. Which, actually, could be a really cool take on the character.

Not much else to say about today's issue. Nice to see Kirby-era Machine Man. Makes me want to go back and read his stories.

To be continued.

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