Apr 21, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 786: Body Doubles #1, February 1998

What I was not expecting when I did a bit of background reading on featured creator Joe Phillips today was to find that he's not only known for his comic book work, but also for producing animated gay porn. And successful animated gay porn, if the awards its won are any indication. It's one of the great gifts this project has given me is a much wider understanding of the ranges and talents represented by the comics community.

Though, given the main characters of this comic, I have to say the whole gay man thing was a bit of a shock. That said, another of Mr. Phillips' ventures was into fashion design, and Bonny and Carmen, the Body Doubles, are nothing if not fashionable.

I liked the New Year's Evil event, which I think I may have mentioned before in the blog, and DC's fifth week events in general. I thought they provided nice "event" style runs of books without being completely overburdening to the wider continuity. James Robinson's Justice Society event was really great, as was Mark Waid's Silver Age, and The Kingdom. Though there's not quite as much continuity in the New Year's Evil Books, short story style glimpses into the worlds of some of the DC super villains is always a treat.

These things aside, I was a bit lost in today's comic. I like the Resurrection Man series from which these characters hail, but I've never had the opportunity to actually read the whole thing. The ladies on the cover up there are hired assassins, and I'm going to assume that they've interacted with Mitch Shelley somehow, though there's no mention of him in the comic. The art was lovely, a bit goofy at times and a wonderfully kinetic. The writing was very good, as one expects from the team of Abnett and Lanning. I think I'd be in a better shape to comment on the story of the comic if I knew how this story fit into the larger one.

The real takeaway is that there's some really well-rendered erotic comics out there by Mr. Phillips that I think I'm going to have to track down.


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