Apr 7, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 772: Alpha Flight v.1 #30, January 1986


One of the things I'm finding interesting about the last couple of issues is that it's early work by Mike Mignola, predating Hellboy, I think. You can see the stark difference between Mignola's personal style and his inked style here as the cover seems to be his own work, whereas he's inked in the interior pages. And, if I'm to be very honest, it just doesn't look like his work inside. It looks kind of...you know, usual. Which, of course, an artist starting out at Marvel would want to be. Gotta make sure you can cop to the house style. I'm supremely grateful, though, that he decided to pursue his own style and stories, and that we have the brilliance that is Hellboy as a result.

Scramble, the Mixed Up Man, is a villain of Lovecraftian proportions, bringing a heaping dose of body horror to the Great White North. The creatures we see within remind me of the Famileech from the New Universe titles, and you can see in their depiction on the cover there Mignola's interest in things Lovecraftian, an interest that gets taken up in much of his later work. For a great example, see the wonderful The Doom That Came To Gotham Elseworlds series. So good.

One more Alpha Flight tomorrow, then on to something a bit different. To be continued.

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