Mar 24, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 758: Fort - Prophet of the Unexplained #4, September 2002

And so things wrap up for Charles and Yhir. Actually, they wrap up pretty darned quickly, like within the first 5 or 6 pages. The feeling I get is that the Fort series really is more properly a graphic novel, or rather a complete work rather than a periodical publication. Or it should have been. Much of this final issue is aftermath and epilogue, though there is, in true horror movie fashion, a return of the baddie in the final pages. What we see, though, and this is significant for those who know of Fort's work, is his rededication to his work of chronicling "the Damned," the occurrences and people that simply cannot be explained by science.

This was a good series. I almost see it as a prequel to Irving and Rennie's Necronauts (did I already say that? Having deja vu). The young Mr. Lovecraft, Fort's child sidekick so to speak, begins writing after the confrontation with the alien virus, and I could see him growing up to become the same character that takes part in the Necronauts' adventure.

I think that was my first series for this year. What next?

To be continued.

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