Feb 23, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - The Weekly Graphic Novel: Week 35 - Flesh & Metal v.1, 2004

Beyond the break, machines and humans explore the future of sex.


An odd little collection of science fiction stories set in a world where robots have become indistinguishable from humans, and humans are on the verge of extinction. And the robots really, really, really like to have sex.

There's an excellent piece in this collection about a couple of robot statues, thinking, feeling machines whose purpose is to stand posed like a statue for art. After having been disparaged by the museum-going public, the two, who are not prototypically-drawn erotica characters (the man is quite skinny, and has long, braided hair, the woman rather flat-chested), comfort one another by having sex. The museum owner walk in in the midst of their coupling, proclaim their sex "ART!", and allow them to continue in the museum as erotic statues. There's a few really great things going on here. First, the depictions of the two are not, as I note, stereotypical. In fact, they're disparaged for that very fact. But as they start having sex, we come to realize that their beauty doesn't have to be beholden to our contemporary standards of beauty. In fact, they look great when fucking, as do most people of all body shapes (noting, of course, that sex is awkward for EVERYONE). We're further treated to a depiction of sex that is not only about physical pleasure (it is about that as well), but also about comfort and bonding. We don't always get to see that in erotic comics, so, though the characters are very human-like robots, it's nice to see that aspect of our sexual lives portrayed.

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