Feb 18, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 724: Darkewood #3, 1988


I am of two minds about this comic.

First, it's so very clearly an adaptation of a D&D, or other fantasy RPG, adventure, which makes me love it. One of the main characters is a swashbuckling bard, and as someone who plays a bard currently in a game, it spoke to me in a lovely way. Second, there's a point in which the protagonists are confronted by a group of trolls, and it was awesome to see that both male and female antagonists were dressed just as skimpily as one another. I thought perhaps it was a relatively egalitarian comic, with regard to clothing/armour.

Until I got to the end of the comic and realized that every female character we encounter is basically wearing a bikini. And, aside from a few trolls, every male character is fully-clothed.


To be continued.

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