Feb 12, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 718: Seadragon #5, September 1986


I'm going to be honest: I started reading this comic yesterday, put it down, and forgot to get back to it. Hence, the Lady Death in Lingerie appearance yesterday. It was one of my contingency comics that I keep handy just in case I don't have time to read a comic on a particular day. It does happen occasionally.

So what we have here is a kind of cool idea, though I have to wonder about the almost disco design aesthetic. A Navy diver gets sealed in an experimental wetsuit by an explosion of radioactive waste. You know, when you write it out like that, it sounds every bit as ridiculous as it actually is. But it's a superhero comic, so of course it's ridiculous. The only problem with this kind of premise is that you make it remarkably difficult to have the character interact with anyone. He can't have a secret identity, and he's bright green and has fins. I'm not saying it's impossible to have "normal" interactions, but it makes life much more difficult for a writer. That said, the series ends in the next issue, so maybe he manages to get out of the suit. Though I've just realized that there's a solicitation for issue 7 in the back of this comic.

Grant Morrison proposed, in Animal Man, a limbo dimension where all the forgotten characters go and basically do nothing. I feel like all of these indie superheroes from the 80s who just disappeared are sitting around, playing cards, wondering what would have happened to them had their stories continued, and possibly being glad they didn't, considering what happens to superheroes these days. I mean, if you're sitting in Limbo and you see Batman's life unfolding, I think you'd probably be glad that you were stuck somewhere where crazy shit like that doesn't happen.

Maybe that's the comic I need to write.

To be continued.

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