Feb 6, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 712: Varmints #1, 1987


A funny animal comic that was, unfortunately, not that funny. There were attempts.

The art in this comic is quite good, and there's an editorial on the inside front cover in which Craig Storman, who seems to be the mastermind behind Blue Comet Comics, talks of adopting a more realistic art style. I have the first issue of his other comic L.I.F.E. Brigade set to go as a contingency posting, and the art in that comic is far more underground than in this comic. Though at the end of the issue we get the prologue to the tale that comes first in the comic (?!), which was supposed to be a back-up feature in L.I.F.E. Brigade. Why it wasn't printed at the beginning of the story, I have no idea. It could be that this prologue is in the older art style, and is quite different.

I don't know why I try to make sense of indie comics, sometimes.

The other story in this issue, "Ace Phillips, P.I.," is a story of a detective who is an anthropomorphic Hippo. I don't know when Hip Flask was created for Comicraft lettering ads, but he's definitely got a predecessor here.

To be continued.

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