Jan 24, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 699: Mythos #3, August 1987


In thirty days or so, I'll reach the end of the second year of the 40 Years of Comics Project. It's pretty much taken over this blog, which I'm both happy and slightly disappointed about, but I have read some amazing (and amazingly bad) comics this year. I'm hoping that my life will smooth out a bit this coming year, and maybe I can get back to some of the other things I want to talk about here.

For the next month or so, counting down to my 2nd anniversary, I'll be reading a selection of quarter bin comics I procured from Purple Gorilla Comics, here in Calgary, this past weekend. There's lots of indie black and white stuff from the 80s, much of which looks terrible. But I've been surprised by such offerings before.

Case in point, today's comic. I'm drawn to the word "mythos" due to its frequent use in conjunction with the Lovecraftian, though today's comic is not Lovecraftian at all. I've had the first issue kicking about for a while, but issue 3 showed up in my stack of comics this weekend, and I thought I'd give it a try. What I wasn't expecting was a really thoughtful hard sci-fi tale of an alien world and the human investigator sent to find out what happened to a colony there. The caste-based system of the planet is really nicely set up, and each of the characters, alien and human, has a fully developed personality. The art is a bit rough in places, but is still expert enough to convey complex emotions in the faces, both those we resemble and those we don't. Unfortunately, the GCD notes that this is the final issue of the series (or, at least, the last one entered in the database). Hopefully the creators managed to continue the story elsewhere, but I don't hold out too much hope.

A nice start to a run of quarter bin comics. A thoughtful story, a cool setting, and intriguing characters. What more can one want from a fiction? Onward!

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