Jan 21, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 696: Annihilator #4, December 2014


I've got people coming over for dinner tonight, and a fair bit to do, so it'll be a short one today.

I have no idea who, in this comic, I'm supposed to be identifying with. Everyone, except for Luna who is introduced this issue, seems to be a terrible human being/alien, though each of them appears to have one or two laudable traits. I remember reading a novel by Robert Rodi called What They Did to Princess Paragon, and by the end I felt I was slogging through a swamp because absolutely none of the characters were decent people. It's a strange thing to try to read, or experience, a piece of fiction in which none of the characters draw you to them. I like Max the most, I think, but only for his art above all else ethos. He's still pretty much a jerk, though.

Ah well. Can't like 'em all, I guess. I think I've come to the point in the series where the next couple of issues I've never read before, so that's cool. I have no idea how the story ends, or, really, where it's going. I'll find out tomorrow and Monday, I guess.


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