Jan 14, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 689: Jughead #208, September 1972


Almost forgot!

Will blog tomorrow. I have thoughts on Samm Schwartz!

I am torn. For a while there, once I'd been introduced to their styles, I kind of thought that I was a Harry Lucey fan, as far as old-school Archie art goes. My favourite story, in which a strange alien flower drifts to Earth and becomes Archie's boutonniere, is illustrated by Lucey. A lot of the Giant Series comics I have (which, I have recently decided, I am going to try to collect a full run on) feature Lucey's art, either in reprint or something new. But now and again I'll pick up a Jughead comic from this era, and Samm Schwartz's take on the Riverdale Gang blows me away. Lucey has a real knack for the physical side of Archie's shenanigans, verging on the slapstick. The amount of character in Archie's forelocks under Lucey's direction is amazing. But Schwartz captures something entirely different in his depictions of physicality. His Jughead almost floats through life, making subtle gestures that speak volumes. This is not to say that his more action-packed panels aren't amusing and wonderful, but it's the small gestures of a character, the slight shrug of Jug's shoulders, a downward glance from a foreground girl on the beach, that is his real magic. May have to track a bit more of his stuff down!


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