Jan 4, 2017

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 679: The Doom Patrol #92, December 1964


Oh dear. Dr. Tyme has a sinister mustache on the face of his costume.

Today's comic was pretty standard stuff, and somewhat regressive is the things I've talked about in the last couple of issues wasn't just wishful thinking. First, Cliff threatens Mento into dating Rita, because apparently she can't stand up for herself (to be fair, this is entirely in keeping with Cliff's personality). And then Rita is kidnapped and the 3 men have to team up to rescue her. Granted, they botch the rescue by accidentally knocking Rita out after she's escaped by herself, but then they have to rescue her from their rescue attempt.

And Dr. Tyme vanishes, never to be seen again, as far as I know. (Though a quick check online shows that he does in fact show up in volume 5 of Doom Patrol. That's quite a gap in appearances!)

So, yeah, a bit mediocre, I'm afraid. I'm not sure I like the introduction of Mento. It adds almost too much conflict within a team that was already conflicted enough. Also, where the heck was the Chief this issue? He had maybe 2 panels.


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