Dec 26, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 670: Supergirl #3, January 2017

(*gasp!* It's a comic from the future!)

Unsurprisingly, it makes me very happy to get comics at Christmas time. The toughest part of the last month or so has been going into comic shops to buy things for other people, and not being able to buy any comics for myself, just in case they found their way to me via gift-wrap. Today's comic is just such a comic. I decided, when Rebirth hit, that since I like the Supergirl television show so much, that I'd give the comic a try. First and foremost, Brian Ching's art is fricking awesome - it reads to me like the natural extension of the 90s Image-centered North American manga aesthetic, tempered with some of the more Western stylization of the darker parts of Marvel and DC. That is to say, I really like his style.

His and Steve Orlando's story hasn't quite gripped me yet, but I think it's because, though we're in the first months of the Rebirth initiative, the characters are still dealing with experiences from the New 52 era of stories, and I avoided those. I'm not sure why Kara's father is now the Cyborg Superman, nor who this more militant Cameron Chase is. I'm hoping that once this fallout of the New 52 is dealt with, we can move on to stories that are less-dependent on that dark chapter of the DCU. Though, knowing DC, we'll have a Re-Rebirth some time in the next couple of years anyway. *sigh*


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