Dec 19, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 663: Gloomcookie: A Monster's Christmas, December 2002

Gloomcookie is a wonderful comic, one that I lost track of a few years back and really should pick up again. A lovely little Goth (as opposed to Gothic) fairy tale of eternal love and clubbing. I'm not someone who would identify as Goth by any stretch of the imagination, except perhaps for my occasionally grim outlook, so I'm sure there's much in the series that is not meant for me, but the art (especially, for me, Ted Naifeh's run) is glorious, and each character, hero, villain, or something else, is really well-realized and realistic, even given the fantastical nature of the story.

This Christmas special, the only Gloomcookie comic to feature colour as far as I know, is a bit more storybook than it is comic, but as it's part of a series of comics, and published as a comic, let's call it a comic. The Monster in Gloomcookie is wonderful and brutal. It's a series that somehow manages to make you feel for child-eating monsters and evil living gargoyles, and considering the penchant in Goth culture for the colour Black, Gloomcookie paints its characters in a moral grayscale.

The English scholar in me balks slightly whenever I read this comic. It's written as a poem, and has a nice rhyme scheme, but the meter is so irregular while, I think, trying to be regular, that it just irks me. But that's a little thing. That aside, it's a nice story about the the hopes and dreams we hold close on Christmas - like having lots of little kids to eat. You know. Normal stuff.


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