Dec 12, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 656: Archie Giant Series Magazine #593, January 1989

I've noted before that once Archie comics reach the 90s, they've begun to become quite saccharine. That's not unusual in an Archie Christmas comic, but at least the older issues still maintained that slightly dark edge that is necessary for good comedy. Everyone and everything is just too nice in some of these later issues.

That said, there's a lovely tale about Veronica trying to get her mother's approval that goes beyond simply its Christmas theme and deals with the some of the difficulties of the parent - child relationship, especially as the child nears adulthood. Though on the embroidered handkerchief that Veronica muddles through in the story the initials she stitches for her mother are "C.L." I'd always thought that Mrs. Lodge's first name was Hermione.

I've got a whole whack of Archie Christmas comics that I'm sure I'll get to over the next little while, but tomorrow we'll have a look at some other Christmas comics. Onward!

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