Dec 2, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 646: The Twilight Zone #9, July 1992

Off to the Serling realms today. The lead story is quite good. There's something ridiculously creepy about a sinister carnival. Partway through the tale the characters enter a fun house, at which point the comic becomes a 3D comic, which can be a problem sometimes, but in this case is actually pretty great. There's a couple of panels that really make brilliant use of the format.

But the best part is the end of the back-up tale, a story of the Devil using infomercials to collect souls. The twist is that there's a charge for the call, even if you don't accept the deal. As the hapless victim is being dragged away by demons, the Devil's phone rings again. He answers with "Well, hello, Mr. Trump. We've been expecting your call!"

Mystery solved.


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