Nov 30, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 644: Cybernary #4, February 1996

Yes, yes, that is a giant boar-man with a human head grafted to its back. Things are very weird on the island of Gamorra. This is actually something that the Image universe is pretty fantastic at - it portrays the ramifications of superhero existence on science and technology rather remarkably, though the sad fact is that it seems the technological advancement just creates more psychopathic villains. The question is floated in the Flash television show, as to why it seems that every person who gets superpowers also becomes a villain - perhaps it's the unhinging of human reality that happens to a mind when superpowers are introduced. Maintaining one's humanity in such circumstances might be trying, as Cybernary is demonstrating.

Rebner's art is growing on me, and I think it was just a shock to go from Manabat's super-metal style to Rebner's art. But he and Gerber are creating a rather cool little tale in the depths of one of the worst places in the Wildstorm U, messing with bodies and minds like one might play with Lego, which makes for a remarkable read. It's a pity it's all done tomorrow.


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