Nov 28, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 642: Cybernary #2, December 1995

A bit of a jump, but we find Cybernary prowling the streets of Gamorra City with her childlike robo-psychologist, looking for the young man for whom she sacrificed herself. And not much actually happens.

This is a pretty good set piece, but if you're looking for action, there's not much here. Cybernary pretty much shuts down every bad guy she comes across within a matter of moments - in fact, she's getting so good at it, one begins to wonder how there'll be anyone who does pose a challenge - unless it's that Minotaur guy who, apparently, in actually a centaur. Did not pick that up from Manabat's art in the original run. Maybe his art was, just occasionally, a bit dark and obscure....

That said, I'm afraid I'm just not buying Jeff Rebner's art on this series. It reminds me of John McCrea's work on Hitman, or Jim Baikie's work in Tomorrow Stories - the juxtaposition of this style with Manabat's original is jarring, and makes the mean streets of Gamorra look more like a cartoon and less like one of the circles of Hell. I think I preferred the original aesthetic.


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