Nov 15, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 629: Backlash #4, February 1995

I'm trying to sort out whether it says something bad about the main characters in this comic that they've had more famous supporting guest stars in every issue so far. I noted in an earlier post that the integration of the Image (though really, it's the Wildstorm part) universe is pretty fantastic, but now I'm noticing the preponderance of it in Backlash,and I'm wondering if it's simply lazy. That said, the guest appearance do seem to do their job in bringing in readers - the series ran for 32 issues, which is actually pretty impressive for an early Image title. The strategy in those early years really seemed to be throw anything at the wall and see what sticks.

I'm enjoying Backlash for what it is - a superhero comic that takes itself waaayyyyy too seriously. But I think it needs to come out from under its Team 7/Stormwatch origins, and give the character some room to develop on his own. Slayton's an interesting character, and has what seems to me to be a really awkward power (those whips coming out of the tops of his hands just look weird), and a grim 'n' gritty past. Rather than the series being a reaction to past events, I wonder what it would be like if he started having new and novel things affect his life. Perhaps we'll find out.


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