Nov 5, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 619: Gammarauders #8, October 1989

And so ends the first (and, sadly, only) major story arc of Gammarauders. The great terror that Jok Tadsworth is warned of all the way back in the opening pages of issue #1 is defeated, the 'Borg handlers are back to their usual roles, the powerful and ancient artifacts have disappeared, and Natasha still doesn't love Jok.

This, really, would be a decent place to stop reading the series, and one could  consider it a complete story and a complete run of a comic. But Gammarauders was always intended to be an ongoing, so there's a couple more issues. What I have trouble understanding is why they'd give these last two issues any space when this is a totally natural place to end the story. Surely they must have known that the comic was going to be cancelled by this point. I guess we'll see. I've been having trouble remembering what happens in this series, so it could be that the last issue or two are stand alone stories, which would make more sense from a publishing perspective. I guess we'll find out tomorrow.


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