Aug 31, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 553: Archie Giant Series Magazine #234, June 1975

It's amusing, occasionally, to see the remnants of previous owners that inevitably show up in Archie comics. Today's comic, for example, was quite obviously owned at one point by a pubescent young man who, strangely, seemed to be obsessed with periods, if the sketched in tampons falling from between Betty and Veronica's legs are anything to go by. And I make the assumption of it having been a male as I cannot imagine any young woman thinking that such a thing was even remotely funny.

So there's that.

I'll do a few more Giant Series issues over the next couple of days, until I hit an even 2 weeks, and then we'll move on. There's a really excellent story in this issue in which Veronica proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that, in a superhero universe, she'd be a villain. The tale hinges on the difference between power and justice, with Veronica lauding her power over Betty, and Jughead maintaining, and eventually championing, the triumph of the just over the powerful. I may scan it and post it on the blog one of these days. There's some really sophisticated ideas being bandied around, and it's always cool to see such discussions happening in a context one would not expect.


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