Aug 19, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 541: Doctor Who Weekly #37, 26th June 1980

I had a thought this morning that was a bit of a consternation for me. What if, as I was finishing one serial in this series, another began and I had to read the comics for the rest of time? Or, well, until I found a convenient stopping point, at least. But no worries - both "The Time Witch" and "Black Legacy" end with the next issue, so we'll move on to something else from there.

There's a very "Doctor" exchange in this issue, with Brimo yelling for her guard to kill the Doctor and Sharon, and the Doctor yelling for him to make another cup of tea. I have this interesting conversation quite often with my Mum about the Doctor - he's, ostensibly, always the same person, regardless of how he looks, though the whole conundrum of regenerating every cell of his body, including his brain, begs the question of how we define the continuity of this entity. There must be something fundamental on a psychic level that continues. Regardless, every now and again, in both the television show and the comics, I'll catch a moment where I see this continuity, these quirks of personality that prove that this is the same character, regardless of face. The Kill Them/Make a Cup of Tea moment was one of these.

I remember really loving this issue, as it featured lots of cool photos of monsters from the series. When I was first getting these comics, I'd only really seen some of the Tom Baker serials, so there was a vast array of adventures and characters whose only familiarity to me was through information gleaned from this magazine. It's still the case that I haven't seen some of these monsters in the flesh, so to speak, but my knowledge of the series is a slightly more complete than it was for my 7 year old self. I did love the pictures of the monsters, though, even if, seeing them now, they look like amateur cosplay.

One more issue of Doctor Who Weekly, and then on to other things. I've got a couple of theme weeks coming up, and hopefully a return to some longer pieces on a weekly, or bi-weekly, basis. Onward!

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