Aug 9, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 531: Batman Incorporated #8, April 2013

I've been dreading this issue.

I didn't like Damian in the beginning. It was like reading a little tiny Wolverine, and I've never really liked the character of Wolverine. But somewhere along the way, he became a human being, albeit a sometimes annoying one. Like any 11-year old, I suppose.

There's a beautiful sequence in this comic where Damian and Dick are about to leap over a wall and into the fray. Damian calls him "Richard," and tells him that no matter what anyone says, they were the best. I think I've been saying that all along, too.

This was a touching comic. In the middle of what Nightwing describes as a warzone, there are some really human moments of connection. But if the cover up there didn't give it away, this issue ends in tragedy. We saw in Bruce's own "R.I.P." story line what happened when the Bruce side of things is stripped out of the Batman. For the next four issues, we'll see what happens when all of the rage of Bruce Wayne is channeled through this atavistic persona he adopts. It's going to be brutal and awful.


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