Aug 6, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 528: Batman Incorporated #5, January 2013

I'm having trouble blogging this morning, because my Mum won't stop talking to me. Which is kind of lovely.

We finally see the vision of Gotham's future that has driven Bruce to create Batman, Inc. And the heartbreaking decision he has to make. Everything, everythinghe has done is to stop both Gotham and his son from self-destructing. For the man who lost his parents, a loss that has driven everything he's ever done, to have to give up his son is devastating. It's a testament to how well Talia knows him that she knows this is how she can break him.

I've loved seeing the Damian Batman in the little bits and pieces we've been given. He's a conflicted character in ways that his father is not, and compelling all on his own. But his story is told, and this is the brilliance of it - rather than the typical possible future that we see in comics much of the time, this possible future has a finitude to it, enticing and exciting as it may be. It cannot come to pass, or Batman's mission, everything he's ever worked for, is for nothing.

And so he returns Damian to his mother.

This was definitely one of those comics that I finished and wanted to pick up the rest of the series and read it immediately. Damn.


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