Aug 4, 2016

Giant Box of Comics Tumbls..Tumb'ls...Tumbls'r...something....

Most everything I post on this blog gets linked to my Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter accounts. The reverse, however, is not necessarily true. So here's a culling, today of the Tumblr page, of things that might not have made it to any of the other GBoC feeds:

I will never get tired of the abundance of Squirrel Girl art on Tumblr. Glorious!

The amazing comic "Lady Tilda and the Dragon."

I think this is one of my favourite Harleys that I've seen.

A really amazing deconstruction of the art styles on a single page of Squirrel Girl - gives a wonderful perspective on just how much work goes into the art of comics.

Probably one of, if not the greatest Lara Croft cosplay.

A series of really, truly wonderful visionary artwork.

And, lastly, a very important PSA from XKCD on what Freedom of Speech is all about:

I'll hit up the Facebook feed next time.

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