Jul 17, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 509: Archie at Riverdale High #48, September 1977


Every now and again when I pick up an Archie comic, I come across stories I've read before. This isn't surprising, given that a huge part of the Archie Comics business model is reprinting old stories in their digests. With the size and quantity of the digests that are produced, it's no surprise that many of these older stories, even ones from before I was even on the North American continent, are wedged firmly in my brain.

So when Chuck Clayton makes a move to Southside High, I was not surprised, though the whole winning him back by singing the school song bit still rings unfamiliar with me. School songs are not a big thing here in Canada. Or have not been while I've been in school.

The second story was one I was unfamiliar with, and, as far as I can tell, it was simply an excuse to put Betty Cooper in a mud-wrestling ring.

Yes, you read that right. Betty gets whacked on the head during wrestling practice (who knew Riverdale High had a women's wrestling team, much less that Betty was one of their best?), wanders in an amnesiac state (which, apparently, no one at school noticed), and takes up with a slimy carnival worker (such characters seem to congregate a lot on the outskirts of Riverdale) because he runs a mud-wrestling side show, and wrestling seems familiar to her.



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