Jun 27, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 489: Batman and Robin #8, April 2010


I have to wonder if there's something a bit snarky going on in this story line. Morrison is using the title and premise of a current DCU crossover, while certainly not contributing explicitly to that crossover, as an epilogue of sorts to his Final Crisis series, which wasn't given, IMHO, the crossover treatment it could have had. This in response to the fact that the crossovers that both preceded and followed FC were written by Geoff Johns. Who is one of the architects of DC's horrendous slide into mediocrity and irrelevance, along with Jim Lee and whoever the hell their Editor-in-Chief is these days.

That aside, a follow-up story to Final Crisis is great, mainly because there very rarely seems to be fallout from such crossovers in the continuing series that constitute their parts. In fact, Morrison's first major DC work in Animal Man was an attempt at dealing with the fallout of Crisis on Infinite Earths, and remains one of the best pieces of superhero fiction I've ever read. In terms of dealing with the ripples such cosmic events can cause, I'd have to say Marvel is better at dealing with it in their universes, but only because their heroes operate on a more grounded, political level than the DC heroes, and as such their crises operate on a similar level. There is always the consideration of law, human law, in the Marvel crossovers (with the exception, perhaps, of the recent Secret Wars), but with DC, it is very often reality itself that is threatened, a concern that supersedes human law.

There's something interesting there. That'll need more thought.

Did I mention how much I love the fact that Batwoman is in this arc? Yeah, I did. You should go and read the Rucka/Williams III run of Detective Comics. It'll blow your mind.


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