Jun 30, 2016

Artists to Check Out

Another small sampling of artists who have caught my eye online.

Valentine Pasche: I've been married to a woman of Swiss descent for 20 years now, so Ms. Pasche is included not only because her art is just flaming beautiful, but also because she's representing Switzerland.

Margaux Kindhauser: (I hope that's her name. It's the only name I could find on the site) Another great artist doing some very cool Steampunk-ish designs. She's the author of the comic Clues, and, while I could have posted a bit of art from that, I suppose, you know me and superheroes...

Nic ter Horst: Insanely cute, burlesque-esque artwork. I absolutely adore this Catwoman, and everything else on the site is just as fantastic.

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