May 28, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Reading the Bat in Morrison's Final Crisis

There were those who loved Final Crisis, and those who hated it, much as there always is with crossover events. I loved it, but, as we've seen over the last few weeks, I'm biased. As such, I've decided that, rather than simply read the Batman comics that take place around Final Crisis, I'm going to read through FC as a part of my read of Morrison's Batman.

However, I'm going away for a bit over the weekend, so there'll also be a pause of 4 days in the read. I'll set some pre-read comics (always a necessity in a project like this) to post, but they won't be Morrison or Batman-related. And, maybe, it's good that we take a break where we do.

For anyone interested, this is the read order I'll be following over the next little bit. Only Final Crisis: Revelations is not written by Morrison, but I have to say that one of my favourite products of this era of the DCU is Rucka's "Crime Bible." I actually used it, and Revelations, in my MA Thesis.

So it'll look like this:

Batman #701
Final Crisis #1, 2, 3
[4 Day Break]
Superman Beyond #1, 2
Final Crisis: Revelations (should be the weekly graphic novel next week)
Final Crisis: Secret Files
Final Crisis: Submit
Final Crisis #4, 5
Batman #682, 683
Final Crisis #6, 7
Batman #702

You'll note that two of the Batman comics come well after the number we're up to, and they were published almost 2 years later. They fill in spaces between "R.I.P." and Final Crisis, and I'm not certain why they ended up being published when they were. Either Morrison hadn't figured out how Bruce got to where he gets, or he had, and people wanted to know so they published it. I'm unsure.

Once we hit Batman #702, that'll be the end of Morrison's run on that title (with the exception of the 700th anniversary issue). On to Batman and Robin, probably my favourite take on the team and the characters. But first, it's time for the end of the world...onward? 

Also, here's a much more comprehensive reading order, going back years before Final Crisis was ever published. One day...

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