May 31, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 462: Final Crisis #2, August 2008

"Did you think that the Gods would tread lightly when they came among you?"

Shouted/hissed from the mouth of Alpha Lantern Kraken, host to Granny Goodness, this sentence really sums up the kind of Crisis the DCU is facing now. In many instances, these crossover events hinge upon powerful yet equally-fallible beings, whether from Earth or some other planet, and it is this fallibility, this mortality, that proves their undoing. They operate at levels of power that, for the most part, can be understood and conceived, even if they can't always be combatted to begin with. Such is not the case with Darkseid and the New Gods. They're Gods. They represent fundamental cosmic forces, evil ones, unfortunately, but fighting them is like fighting the laws of physics.

Morrison and Jones are very good at bringing this across in the series. The extremely unpleasant scene with Det. Turpin and the Mad Hatter highlights the primal change Terrible Turpin is undergoing. The ease with which the possessed Alpha Lantern incapacitates Batman (who always has a plan...maybe?) helps us to understand exactly how unprepared a world would have to be for the incarnation of Gods on its face. Something like Final Crisis could very easily be used at an end for the DCU, a horrible and unpleasant one, but an end nonetheless. And, really, it would be, if not for the fact that this fictional universe has been gestating a God of its own. It's during the Final Crisis that we begin to see what he might one day become.


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