May 27, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 458: Batman #680, October 2008

I'd never considered that stately Wayne Manor is every bit the madhouse that Arkham Asylum is. More so in this issue, perhaps, but in general, it's a pretty crazy place. But this is always the point, right? Batman's nuts..

Well, we could debate that for days, but I'm unemployed at the moment, and just don't have the time.

If I had to offer one criticism of the Morrison run on Batman, it's that, in a lot of ways, and even though it veers off into the bizarre, it's maybe the least Morrisonian thing of his I've read. But we do get one lovely gem of a moment, as Bat-Mite prepares to leave Batman to his quest through the manor. I've been wrestling with Might's nature for a few issues now, as has Batman, and he finally asks his tiny compatriot for an answer:

"Imagination is the 5th dimension." Shades of Promethea, and an answer to a question that was, in retrospect, not a question at all.

Tomorrow, "R.I.P." concludes. Who's really running things, Dr. Hurt or the Joker? Who are the other members of the Black Glove? And who, really, is Jezebel Jet?


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