May 18, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 449: Batman #671, January 2008

Yep, as I suspected - totally lost.

Here's what I know: the body R'as has taken over has somehow transformed into his likeness, albeit with radiation poisoning. R'as' father (!) is trying to destroy the Fountain of Life, Batman gets skewered with a stick, despite wearing chainmail.

That's about it. I think what really gets me about this crossover is that the stories that Morrison is telling in the series proper are far more epic than this one. How is it big news to be telling the tale of a person coming back from the dead who is actually known in the Bat-verse for coming back from the dead?

Anyway. Something I noticed while reading today's and yesterday's comics is that they're in far better shape than any of the previous issues I've read. This is not to say that the previous issues are in bad shape by any stretch of the imagination, but that there's a good chance that yesterday and today are the first times I've read these issues since I got them.

Back to Morrison's stories tomorrow.

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