May 25, 2016

Steve Rogers: Captain America

Have you heard what they're saying about Captain America?

Today I've seen a good deal of outrage over the final pages of the new Steve Rogers: Captain America. I have seen vitriol directed toward Marvel Comics and toward the creators on the series for violating a beloved institution, a shining symbol of what it means to be American, what America means.

Now, if only more people we concerned about the fact that an actual fascist is this close to being elected to the Presidency, that an actual, real-life symbol of America is about to become a bastion of intolerance and fascism.

Anyone who is seeing Steve Rogers: Captain America #1 as anything other than a ringing indictment of the millions of people supporting Donald Trump, of the fact that the institution of the President of the United States could even possibly get so close to disaster of Hitlerian proportions is completely missing the point of the issue.

All writing is political. Some, though, is more blatant about it.

So you've heard what they're saying about Captain America?

But are you listening?

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