Mar 10, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 380: 7 Guys of Justice #7, June 2001

A bit of a busy morning, I'm afraid, so this'll be even shorter than yesterday. Our heroes get sucked into an alternate dimension through the powers of Pie Master, who travels the multiverse through the vibrational frequency of pie.

Every now and again I re-read what I've just said about particular comics. I know I've been going on about just how good this series is, and then I write something like the above paragraph and think, "No one's ever going to believe a word I say again." But trust me, this is a really good comic.

I think what really strikes me is that the series does a lovely job of not doing what one expects of this kind of a title. It's superhero parody, but it subverts that subversion by telling not only parodic stories but also compelling ones. Rather than simply parodying the genre, it recognizes that the genre is in many ways a self-parodic genre inherently, and thus incorporates that into all of the other elements that make up the superhero narrative.

Tomorrow, we'll meet Baron Brilliance, and find out why he wants Nightie Knight so much. Onward!

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