Feb 28, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 369: Time Twisters #21, April 1989

Before saying a thing or two about the two short Morrison stories in this issue, it's worth noting that some of the rest of the stories are not only really pretty fun, but also feature some great writers and artists. The first story, "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World!" offers some early-ish Alan Davis art, and there's a little epilogue to Halo Jones from Moore and Gibson at the very end of the issue that teases the idea of a fourth volume (we're still waiting, guys!).

Morrison's contributions to this issue are fairly standard "Future-Shocks"/"Time-Twisters" fodder, one taking on a case of mistaken alien identity that is actually a Public Service Announcement warning of trips to Planet Earth, and the other a cautionary tale that features Barry Kitson on art. They're pretty standard, notable only for the fact that they're early Morrison tales. As with the short piece in the 2000 A.D. comic from a couple of days ago, we can see Morrison meddling with the themes and tropes that have really come to define his oeuvre, but they're not stories that are quite pushing the boundaries in the same ways that something like Animal Man and Doom Patrol did. I suppose we have to consider whether or not it's even possible to push boundaries that way in such a small space. It probably is, but I've yet to find a comics short story that does so.

Which is one reason why I keep reading. Onward!

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