Feb 5, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 346: Devil Bunny and the Perfect Turkey, 1997

Read it.
Will blog it tomorrow.

When I ran my comic store, one of the games I carried was from Cheapass Games. It was called "Devil Bunny Hates the Earth." Cheapass were committed to making games where you could use anything as a counter, you didn't need special dice, just the inevitable ones that accumulate through one's life. They gave you rules and a board, in black and white, and they were cheap.

A few weeks ago, I found this comic, and got it. As you can see, it's cobbled together from clip art, and tells the story of Devil Bunny searching for a turkey for his girlfriend. I love the idea of creating a narrative from black and white stock illustrations. It's an interesting testament to iconographies, and the short hands they can represent. To be able to wrap up a complex thought in a small, silhouette illustration speaks to the power of this kind of pictorial representation.

The story was basic and silly, and was meant to be. I'm not sure one could tell a serious story with this kind of art, but maybe one day I'll try. Sad Monster is just crying out for an extended piece.

So, that was yesterday's comic, blogged a day late. Today's will happen later tonight. Onward!

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