Feb 1, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 342: 7 Guys of Justice #1, February 2000

Many years ago I worked at a used book shop in Hanover, Ontario. There was no comic shop to speak of, and the owner of the shop used to order in small shipments from Diamond Comics Distributors every month. When I started working for him, he asked me to take over the ordering, since I was a little more versed in comics than he was. 7 Guys was a comic I came across and ordered almost purely based on the cover. I'm so glad I did.

I don't know why, but I've always considered this series to be a comedic take on Watchmen. Don't ask me to explain. I think I was reading Watchmen at the same time I started reading this, and there seemed to me to be parallels. Upon re-reading it, I'm not entirely certain what those parallels were. But that aside, it's a funny comic. The art is jarring to begin with. It almost seems too amateur, but then there are panels where Josh Rowe manages to capture exactly the sort of crazed motion superhero comics ought to have. His depictions of Ugly Monkey are just brilliant.

This issue, being the first, follows the inept, unintelligible, amazingly super powered Lord Talon as he assembles his team, which, by the end of the issue, is composed of Hunter-Gatherer, Nightie Knight, Ugly Monkey, and LT. 4 guys of justice, not seven. Things just get sillier, but somehow more sinister, as the series goes on.

7 Guys is one of my favourite superhero comics, and it has a place of prominence in my Active Collection, as it's the first comic series in the first box. I'll be reading a few more issues, perhaps through the first story arc, over the next few days. Onward!

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