Jan 19, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 329: The Warlord #28, December 1979

Have I mentioned how much I'm enjoying this series? Yes? Well, I'll reiterate:

This is a really, really good comic.

Mike Grell is channeling his Robert E. Howard and Edgar Rice Burroughs with some definite panache, and crafting a great, pulpy series of stories that deserves to stand right alongside Conan, Kull, and any of the other great, manly fantasy heroes. The art is gorgeous (Mr. Grell does enjoy illustrating the human form, male and female, methinks), the stories are interesting and well told, and the world he's crafted(ing) is just lovely. Well, deadly and brutal, but lovely nonetheless.

Of all of the comics I've read over the course of the last year, this series is definitely the prize, so much so that I'm even now planning on keeping my eyes peeled for the Masters of the Universe-esque action figure series that spun out of it. And I'll definitely be checking out Grell's run on Green Arrow. I have The Longbow Hunters in trade, so maybe that'll be my next graphic novel contribution to the 40 Years project. You'll probably see that in 2020.

In this issue Travis Morgan is seduced by a giant cobra masquerading as a woman, and Mariah and Machiste are transported "eons" into the past of Skataris. Do you need me to say any more to get you interested?


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