Jan 17, 2016

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 327: Superboy, 1994 series, #8, September 1994

I have no idea why what happens in this comic happens, but that doesn't hurt my enjoyment of the story. Original Superboy versus clone Superboy was a match-up that was always going to happen, so I'm glad to have read it. It's weird, the old version versus new version trope of superheroics, whether it's something timey-wimey like this, or a younger generation versus an older. There's a passage of the torch, usually through punches, reconciliations, and understanding. The older versions of characters have to make sure that the younger versions are upholding the intrinsic qualities that makes them them, and then they can fade away to wherever old versions of heroes go.

Which is precisely what happens in this issue, and I didn't even need to know what the heck was going on in "Zero Hour" to understand.

This Superboy has never really been my favourite, and especially not this early version of him. The Connor Kent shaved head version seemed a bit more believable as a superhero. But then, it was the 90s.

So, onward.

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