Nov 16, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 265: The Art of Dodging Shadows #3, 2003

Continuing on with the adventures of the most lovable hitmen you're ever likely to come across...

Last issue's preview box for this issue said something about a pixie, and I really was wondering how that was going to fit into the overall narrative, but Mr. Johnson manages it with some panache. I, honestly, would read a solo series about Reggie (just in case you're reading, Nicholas) and his experiments in sleep deprivation. There would be so much madness and it would be awesome.

The plot moves along at its usual brisk pace here though, and this is an interesting narrative choice, there's a plot going on in the background of all the capers and gunplay of a guy courting a young lady (that'd be Gabe, our main character). It's interesting because this is the sort of romantic story that might start taking center stage in this kind of story, about a hitman wanting to give up his violent life and have a "normal" one. But that story isn't foregrounded here, which really is kind of refreshing. The story's more about a young man dealing with his, admittedly, extreme parental issues, and it's cool to see the story stay on that track, rather than derail into the rom-com mode. All the elements are there, but Mr. Johnson deftly avoids them, and gives us a cool-ass caper about a guy who's hired to kill his dad.

It'll be interesting to see how things wrap up in the next issue, whether or not the romantic story will take over, whether or not Reggie will ever sleep again, and who exactly is going to end up on the wrong end of a gun. Though, that said, I'm not entirely certain which end is the right end.

See you tomorrow!

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