Nov 3, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 252: Highlander #0, 2006

Ever since I saw the first Highlander film, I have had trouble with its sequels. I mean, the catchphrase is "There can be only one," and I always thought the point of the movie was that McLeod was the last immortal - that was the whole film, the battle to become the last immortal.

The inside cover of this comic explicitly states that it takes place after the events of the first film, and then goes on to introduce more immortals. Did I misunderstand the movie? Did it all get retconned in the television show? Why isn't McLeod hacking the heads from these other immortals? I begin to get the feeling that "The Gathering" wasn't a winner take all kind of thing, not an event but a time, and if you survived the time of The Gathering, then you didn't have to kill other immortals....?

No idea.

And really, I don't care. This comic was pretty generic. A little bit of prodding about on the Internet reveals that the end of the first movie was altered somewhat to make space for the television series - The Gathering didn't happen, or something?

Okay. I have nothing of any value to say about this comic. The first Highlander film was excellent, and any sequel is completely superfluous. That is all. See you tomorrow.

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