Nov 9, 2015

The 40 Years fo Comics Project - Day 258: House of Yang #1, 1978

There's a couple of genres (okay, probably more than a couple) with which I'm unfamiliar for the most part when it comes to comics, and the martial arts genre is definitely one of them. I'm sure that it can, like the western, another of my unfamiliar genres, be done well.

House of Yang does not do it well. I'm not sure if it's the Dell-esque art, where even the most dynamic moments come across as very static and staged, or if it's the choppy and stilted dialogue. It could be that the main villain, Eva Ku, daughter of Chao Ku, ostensibly a Chinese national, looks a little like Betty Cooper. Whatever it is, I did not enjoy this comic. It barely kept my attention.

I think that I will have to find a few examples of the martial arts genre and do a week of posts about them. The same goes for westerns. Both have been popular genres, either recently or in times past, so there must be something to them, and there must be shining examples of them. I'd welcome suggestions, should any of you have any.

Well, I suppose that this comic proves that not all of my random selections are going to be good ones. But I'll continue on tomorrow with a random comic from the collection - maybe even one from the latter part of the alphabet, if I have the strength to move boxes around tomorrow! See you then.

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