Oct 26, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 244: Weirdworld #3, October 2015

This comic just keeps on delivering. Arkon and Warbow escape Le Fay's tower, and Arkon is presented with another map of Weirdworld to replace the lost one, though this map depicts features of the landscape that Arkon has never seen before. Does the world perhaps somehow conform to the subconscious of the individual? Perhaps we'll find out if we see another map.

Speaking of these maps, their make up is odd, to say the least. Here's Arkon's original map from issue #1:

And here is Warbow's map from issue #3:

Perhaps I am underestimating the difficulty in mapping a land like Weirdworld, but these maps really look like they were drawn by a child. Actually, they look like they were drawn by the same child - I'm confident enough in Del Mundo's artistic prowess (I mean, just look at this book) to be pretty sure that the similarity of the maps is purposeful. If that's the case, then there's something going on in this book (which I've alluded to before) that we're just not seeing yet. I am excited to find out what it is.

Arkon meets (and battles) another old school Marvel fantasy hero, Skull the Slayer, in this issue, and their short-lived duel outside the "Swingin Saloon," a bar suspended by ropes over a chasm, ends with something that, for me, is extremely exciting: Arkon finds himself dangling from vines in the "Forest of the Man-Things." Though that does sound like the name of a really terrible gay porn, for those of us who love a muck monster or two, the promise of the next issue is a great one. It's sitting right here, next to my desk, begging me to read it.

But it'll have to wait 'til tomorrow.

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