Oct 14, 2015

Artists to Check Out

Some more bits and pieces of art I've found around the Web.
Top Hat and Goggles: No artist information on the tumblr, just a love of Steampunk aesthetic. If anyone can give me information about the artist, I'll update this post. But this picture is all kinds of win.

Anna Maystrenko: I have to admit, the demon girls with little tiny wings coming out of their heads is something I've never been able to wrap my head around. I mean, what's that all about? (Asks the guy who accepts that the little tiny wings on the Submariner's feet let him fly.) Regardless, this is a beautiful picture. And, actually, everything on Ms. Maystrenko's site is beautiful.


Karl Liversidge: Phenomenally beautiful portrait work. His DC ladies are breathtaking. (Also, I've just realized that I've already featured Mr. Liversidge in one of my artists posts. It was bound to happen, I guess.)

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