Sep 10, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 198: Super Taboo Extreme #3, February 2001 (Eros Comix Hentai Week Day 5)

A return to the world of Wolf Ogami's Super Taboo in Super Taboo Extreme. Ahead lie strange waters. You've been warned.

Another example of the incest porn that proliferates in particular corners of the hentai world, spiced up a little bit with some futanari, that is, a young woman with a rather large penis.

I don't have a lot to say about this comic, but that's because, unlike some of the others I've looked at this week, this one is almost completely without story, or at least has the most rudimentary of stories. In this, it reminds me of the vast majority of porn I've ever seen. In another piece of writing, I tried to distinguish between writing or art that is erotic and writing or art that is pornographic. I don't think the two categories are completely separable, but what I came down to for a basic distinction was that where porn exploits, erotica explores. I know that it's more complex than that, but that distinction has helped me to parse the ways I feel about both kinds of sexually-inflected art.

This comic does not explore. Aside from the transgendered woman, it's a pretty straight-forward piece of porn. There's fucking and cumshots, some light bondage, and some weak attempts at characterization. I know that these are ongoing characters in this and the previous Super Taboo series, but really they're only characters in that they are life support systems for genitals. Which they like to use. A lot.

One thing I will give Ogami is that his art is really great. He draws on that Osamu Tezuka Astro Boy-esque manga style, rendering highly-stylized figures that nonetheless are able to convey the extremes of emotion and physicality that are bound up with sexual congress. He also, in contrast to many of the erotic artists I've read, draws a pretty great vagina. There. I said it. I warned you at the beginning of this week that you might get more information than you counted on.

Let me pause on this point for a moment, though. More often than not, a vagina, when explicitly depicted in a comic, is little more than an anonymous opening between a character's legs. Those of us who have seen actual vaginas know that this is certainly not the case. They are as individual and unique in their looks as any other part of the human anatomy, and the fact that Ogami gives them such detail and attention in this comic speaks to his care not only about the pleasure and depiction of the male in his porn, but also the female. I suppose the long and short of it is that it's nice to see this kind of care lavished on all the characters in his cast, that the individuality assigned to the depictions of genitals speaks to a respect for forms male, female, and those that straddle that line.

Onwards! See you tomorrow.

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