Sep 30, 2015

Artists to Check Out

If my time at the Edmonton Comic Con has taught me anything, it's that there is an incredible range of stunningly talented artists out there. I hope my little bits of promotion here do some good for people whose work deserves to be looked at.

Pericles Junior - I don't know much about this amazing artist, but I think the picture can speak for itself. A great picture, be it photo, painting, drawing, tells a story, without even having to say a word. This one certainly does. (Also, best name ever!)

Melissa Ballesteros - there's a profusion of this kind of stylized art (I often think of it as DC Animated U-inspired), and it certainly holds up the notions of detail removal and abstraction that a lot of formal comics theorists put forth as the reason cartooning communicates with us. But just because one abstracts art doesn't mean it's guaranteed to communicate. Ms. Ballesteros' art does.

 Rozenn Grosjean - I don't know what to say. As with the others, it communicates, it abstracts, it speaks. But that fusion of pencils and watercolours is magical. I love this picture.

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