Sep 9, 2015

Artists to Check Out

Been a little while, so here's some more great comics-style art from around the Web.

Sergey Ishmaev: Mr. Ishmaev's art is indicative of this interesting style that combines the cartoony, the super-stylized, and the sexy all in one place. Puts me in mind of Skottie Young, though with less tiny versions of superheroes.

Karl Liversidge: A very different style from Mr. Liversidge. The violet eyes, pursed lips, just a beautiful picture, a slight hint of amusement, Mona Lisa-style going on in this expression.

Ashley Odell: I'm not sure why, but I can imagine a whole animated sequence, Fantasia-style, in Ms. Odell's beautiful hand. I wonder about the idea of "iconic abstraction" that McCloud coined and others have elaborated upon when it comes to such stylized figures. We still recognize them as bodies, and beautiful ones, even though they bear almost no resemblance to reality. Though reality's often overrated, really.

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