Aug 22, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 179: The Amazing X-Men #2, April 1995

Continuing the saga of the human evacuation from Maine, we are given a rare opportunity to see the X-Men, specifically Quicksilver and Storm, in a story that is typical, in the most positive sense of the word, of the line that the X-stories often tread. While the lives of every human waiting to be airlifted to safety are being threatened, the two make a choice to rescue a single, small, human child, regardless of the fact that their presence at the evacuation site would provide greater safety to the majority. The X-Men function very often as a civil rights metaphor, for all kinds of civil rights, but the sense of the individual is never lost in the sense of the community. One person has no more or less inherent value than any other, a fact that is at the heart of all civil rights movements, and so it is proven whenever we see the merry mutants turning from the larger actions of the cause to the smaller actions of the person. It's a nice touch, and proof once more of Fabian Nicieza's facility as a writer of the X-Men.

I'm interested in tomorrow's comic, as we'll be looking at Factor X, and seeing Apocalypse's operation somewhat from the inside. Scott Summers is often cited as one of the most noble and heroic figures in the Marvel U - it'll be interesting to see if he maintains this nobility even in the face of having been indoctrinated into Apocalypse's upper echelons his whole life. See you tomorrow, then.

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