Aug 8, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 165: X-Men Alpha, February 1995

A short one, I'm afraid. A long day and a late night. I was thinking about this crossover, and my problems with the era of comics from which it springs, and really didn't want to be so terribly critical of all of the comics in the Age of Apocalypse. It got me thinking about the remarkable decision that was made to suspend all of the X-titles, of which there were many, and to place them into a completely new reality, to trust that readers would embrace, even for a short time, these very different incarnations of characters they loved. I'm trying to think of another crossover that's done something similar, and all I can come up with is the current Secret Wars series.

X-Men: Alpha was quite good. It does a nice job of setting up the world in which it occurs, the intrigues, alliances, and problems with a Marvel U sans Charles Xavier. Bishop, already something of a chronal aberration, is nicely utilized as a link back to the "proper" time line, though it seems the various timelines vying for supremacy in his head have driven him slightly mad. Magneto is interesting, having evolved a personality much like his more villainous incarnation, but inflected more with optimism, and good, than his evil other self.

During, and after, this crossover, numerous ancillary titles were published, many documenting the history of the Age of Apocalypse world before the beginnings of all of the mini-series that make up the crossover. I'm going to read these first, to get a feel for the world before diving into the meat of the story. Join me, won't you?

See you tomorrow. Sleep well my comics compadres.

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