Jul 4, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 130: G.I.Joe: Operation 'Single-Handed', Date Unknown

Another promo comic today. The scans should link to larger versions if you really want to read the gripping saga of "Super Trooper." Yep. It's a G.I. Joe dude named after an ABBA song. (Yes, I know the song uses the word "Trouper." Isn't an ABBA song an awesome play on words for little boys in the late 80s, playing war 10 years after ABBA was even relevant?)

(But I digress.)

Something that struck me as I read this comic, and was reminded of the others in my collection (Rock Lords, Masters of the Universe, Transformers), is that comics have been intrinsic in my life for a very long time. But not just as something I went to the comic shop and collected. There were comics packaged with just about every toy I was interested in. I know, I know, it's all cross-marketing, hitting all the media so that you sell the most toys. I understand that it was that. But, at the same time, every time I was exposed to it, I increased my ability to understand the pictorial language of the comics page. That second page could be a textbook case of some of McCloud's problematic transitions. Regardless of the fact that getting something like this in a toy was really just a ploy to get a kid to go and buy the comic, and vice versa, as comics, it also exposes the sponge-like brain of the prepubescent child to a different way of telling stories.

I'm rapidly blundering into territory I have no right to speak of. Read the comic. It's my little gift to you. I feel there's a good chance you will not have read this one before, and having the chance to read a brand new comic is one of the loveliest things about this hobby.

See you tomorrow.

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